Monthly Archives: March 2008

29 Mar

stir-fry pork and chard

Before and After: The fifteen minute meal. If you have extra time, brine the pork first. Sometimes we measure, but usually we don’t.
29 Mar


Before and After: Dough so soft it cascades like a pair of silk underwear. This dough, after a couple more turns, and a healthy proof, will become Della Fattoria’s Rustic Roasted Garlic Bread, recipe courtesy of Artisan Baking Across America by Maggie Glezer.
23 Mar


When you get tired of paying too much money for rhomboidal pieces of cold waffle served with unripe strawberries it’s time to raid the piggy bank.
23 Mar

chicken soup

Whether you’re feeling-under-the-weather, want a meal-in-one-pot, or think there’s-just-something-about-boiled-chicken, you can’t beat chicken soup.
23 Mar

cauliflower turmeric

We added toasted almonds instead of hazelnuts, and ground ginger, cumin, and chili powder instead of curry, because we just didn’t have any.
13 Mar

grilled zukes

The skin feels like the zucchini just got out of a spa. SMOOOOOTH.
13 Mar


The Works: It’s the leftovers
13 Mar

mustard greens stir-fry

The 30 second meal: Organic mustard greens
13 Mar

window pane test

if you’ve made bread, you’ve been tested
09 Mar

fava bean flowers

come back in a few months and we’ll be lousy with fava beans