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29 Aug

some gams

26 Dec


03 Dec


10 Nov

standing on a beach staring at the sea

23 Oct

how to roll a gluten free pizza crust

gluten free dough is messy, and impossible to roll out. so how do you get it in a nice thin layer for a full sheet of thin crust pizza? here’s the secret – (based on good baking tips from Emeril). 1. spray the pan liberally and that means liberally. spray, and then spray some more. […]
10 Oct


28 Jul

friends of miles of beach

28 Jul

X’s and O’s

07 Jul

some chef took all the duck legs

so we just got the breasts: pan roasted with sichuan peppercorns served with a kumquat chipotle sauce. who needs legs?
26 Apr

so long Alan, see you next time