Monthly Archives: August 2005

24 Aug

trigger a new iChat message from a URL

aim:goim?message=whatever you want to go into your message field or iChat:compose?service=AIM&id=[userName]&style=im (styles can also be audiochat or videochat and I can’t find the syntax for message, it’s not the obvious &message= or &text= and the applescript dictionary for iChat didn’t offer any clues either)
15 Aug

imap folders on versamail

root folder: inbox sent mail: INBOX.sent add INBOX.sent to folder list etc.
15 Aug

yoga garden

26th & pico
05 Aug

cd/dvd holder (“nipple”)

cd packaging store on pico (south side of street) just east of overland (not a spindle, just the crimp part that holds the disc on the tray. but essentially a small tray with adhesive on the back. “nipple” is their word, not mine.)
04 Aug

Q’s on Wilshire from Wilshire

1 block East, same side of the street.
02 Aug

move between tabs in safari

apple-shift-arrow as a bonus how to switch between open applications in OSX: apple-tab
01 Aug

subscribe to iCal calendar hosted somewhere on the web

in iCal, go to the Calendar menu and choose Subscribe type in http://”path to file”.ics for the Calendar URL hit subscribe