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18 Apr

Bison Ragu 浆

When in doubt, add soy sauce: Bison from Lindner comes in many shapes and sizes, and ground bison is one of the easiest. You can salt lightly and eat it by the handful like salad in a bag, or you can toss it in a pan with garlic, tomatoes, soy sauce and a little bit […]
08 Mar

Bison Short-ribs

Use the good stuff: Lindner Grassfed Bison short ribs, daikon, and carrot stew. The bison and the veggies are from the Hollywood Farmer’s Market; the sugar, maple syrup, and chicken broth are organic. For 2 pounds of ribs, we put in some ginger (six big slices), garlic (6 big cloves), soy sauce (Kimlan super special […]