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02 Sep

snow leopard, macports, drupal 6

there is a port called php52, and so . . . sudo port install apache2 sudo port install php52 +apache2 +mysql5-server +pear +sqlite sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.apache2.plist sudo port install phpmyadmin and all the normal stuff that goes with it: etc . . .
17 Aug

include a paypal button in a vertical response email

can’t use the generated form, all the hidden fields don’t get passed because of the way VR parses the code for tracking. you have two options, on the paypal form for generating a button choose non-encrypted and then use the text link (not the un-encrypted form, that won’t work either). Or use your button image as […]
16 Nov

beverly hills

is it east or west of veteran & wilshire? east, straight down wilshire.
26 Oct

create iso

hdiutil makehybrid -o “yourISO”.iso “path to items for burning”
26 Sep

closest target from Melrose & La Cienega

Left on Melrose and cut up somewhere to Santa Monica Blvd. then stay on it until La Brea.
24 Aug

trigger a new iChat message from a URL

aim:goim?message=whatever you want to go into your message field or iChat:compose?service=AIM&id=[userName]&style=im (styles can also be audiochat or videochat and I can’t find the syntax for message, it’s not the obvious &message= or &text= and the applescript dictionary for iChat didn’t offer any clues either)
15 Aug

yoga garden

26th & pico
05 Aug

cd/dvd holder (“nipple”)

cd packaging store on pico (south side of street) just east of overland (not a spindle, just the crimp part that holds the disc on the tray. but essentially a small tray with adhesive on the back. “nipple” is their word, not mine.)
04 Aug

Q’s on Wilshire from Wilshire

1 block East, same side of the street.
02 Aug

move between tabs in safari

apple-shift-arrow as a bonus how to switch between open applications in OSX: apple-tab