Tag: coffee

16 Nov

blue bottle garage

Dignified and delicious: Blue Bottle’s got the west coast cornered in terms of proper espresso… but no one, that’s no one, comes close to Joe’s. 
23 May


Feeding frenzy: Our red wrigglers are about to receive a biological feast. Full of coffee, orange peels and fava bean discards, the meal promotes cardio and muscular development in the little guys.
18 Apr

almost naked portafilter

Training wheels: We can’t find a naked portafilter for our Europiccola La Pavoni (pre 2000), so we did the next best thing by taking the splitter off. Just twist and off it comes.
09 Mar

sorting worms

Go Eisenia Fetida – the real Eco Warriors: The magic of worms in the compost. We got tired of waiting for our compost to do something, so we added red wrigglers. Now they get a hearty dose of veggie scraps, coffee grounds, hair, dryer lint (no meat, oil, and citrus in limited quantities) and shreds […]
27 Aug

royal balance coffee with Dr. Carl