Yearly Archives: 2008

16 Dec

MOCA bake sale is a success!

The bake sale went great, thanks to the MOCA staff who showed up in force, to Morgan Fisher who brought cupcakes (which sold like hotcakes), Allan Sekula for documenting the whole thing and buying up a large portion of the Allen McCollum works, Christopher Knight for writing it up so well and to Judy Fiskin […]
16 Dec

Christopher Knight is going to the bakesale

Are you?
15 Dec

(Rain Delay) Bake Sale to benefit MOCA

++ follow cheesed and fromaged on twitter for live updates and photos ++ ARTISTS’ BAKE SALE FOR MOCA: TUESDAY 12-2pm (Because of the rain we are rescheduling the bake sale to Tuesday, December 16.) MOCA needs tens of millions of dollars, and we want to get the ball rolling – the day the board meets – […]
14 Dec

work in progress

items for the MOCA bake sale: “Giacometti Baguetti” (view the original in the MOCA Collection) “Fermented Weiner” (view the original in the MOCA Collection) “Paranoiac Shortbread” (view the original in the MOCA Collection) “$1 million financiers” (view the original in the MOCA Collection)
29 Nov


Licensed to butter part 2: front start to finish. 1. Protect yourself from what you want. As the butter and buttermilk separate, it will splatter like crazy. Begin whipping the cream (we used raw unpasteurized cream). 2. Don’t forget to soak your butter paper 3. The whipped cream stage 4. Adding sel à la cannelle (cinnamon […]
26 Nov

tea eggs and blue shrimp

Precious eggs imprinted with code: eggs boiled in Small Red Robe tea, soy sauce, brown and rock sugar, ginger, and leftover pork shoulder stew juices. The shrimp you just put in your mouth.
22 Nov

stir-fry veggies

Tackling the green beast: swirling mass of greens and garlic.
16 Nov

blue bottle garage

Dignified and delicious: Blue Bottle’s got the west coast cornered in terms of proper espresso… but no one, that’s no one, comes close to Joe’s. 
06 Nov


23 May

hedgehogs (珍珠丸子)

Count the number on your plate before leaving the room: Ground pork, bamboo, ginger, shitake mushrooms, and soy sauce balls rolled in glutinous rice and steamed for half hour. The individual kernels of rice perk up like the gentlest kitty shug, and the bamboo gives the pork the “gabba gabba” quality so essential in Chinese […]