09 Mar

sorting worms

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Go Eisenia Fetida – the real Eco Warriors: The magic of worms in the compost. We got tired of waiting for our compost to do something, so we added red wrigglers. Now they get a hearty dose of veggie scraps, coffee grounds, hair, dryer lint (no meat, oil, and citrus in limited quantities) and shreds from the printer. Since we started with a large bin, now we have a lot of worms. The trick is to separate worm from casting. We do it by feeding half the bin for months at a time; the idea is that the worms will migrate to the food half, and then it’s easier to gather castings from the other half. Then we dump a few shovelfuls on a piece of paper and sort: keep one container for the worms, one for the castings, and one for pieces of uncomposted food and sticks to throw away. Our worms seem incredibly lazy, they never seem to migrate, so the sorting is a bit of a chore, but it’s worth it!

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