23 Oct

how to roll a gluten free pizza crust

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gluten free dough is messy, and impossible to roll out. so how do you get it in a nice thin layer for a full sheet of thin crust pizza? here’s the secret – (based on good baking tips from Emeril).
1. spray the pan liberally and that means liberally. spray, and then spray some more. spray more in the center of the pan than the edges. buy a good olive oil spray that has quality action on the sprayer and it feels like spray painting.
2. plop the dough in a nice, fat, even width-ed log in the middle of the pan, running lengthwise, from end to end.
3. spray (liberally) either a piece of parchment paper or a silicone mat
4. place the mat over the dough
5. using a small rolling pin, roll the dough from the middle to the edges, keeping the rolling pin and your hands from touching the dough
6. if you come up with too much or too less dough in the corner, lift the mat (it should lift cleanly if… you sprayed it enough) and place over the lump and even it out with the rolling pin

that’s it! no gloves, no mess, and your hands never touch the dough!

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