14 Dec

flying mo

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and so, last week it’s raining like a mini-el niƱo and we take the pups to the park. we have the place to ourselves, more or less, and are having a great time…

the four of us are trouncing around and MO spots a flock of pigeons, then bolts after them. In pursuit, after breaking up the flock, she goes wide around the edge of the grass, circles up to the left of the amphitheater and heads straight back at the gathering flock as they settle back where they were – only now she is above them on an amphitheater’s incline. And so she adjusts slightly by hitting the concrete barrier at a full run and lifts off, flying at least ten feet out from at least eight feet up and lands more or less on her front legs which buckle and spring just right.

She’s a great dog. I’m so glad she didn’t break any teeth.

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